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Broadband Survey 2021

May 18, 2021

Good Morning,

Attached you will find a letter from the Commissioner of the Oneida County Department of Planning. In a joint venture with Herkimer County, the Commissioner is asking that you distribute the link to our Broadband Survey documents to as many people as you can possibly reach. This survey is important to measure the level of internet service in your community and will help Herkimer & Oneida County secure funding to build out the broadband network in the greater Herkimer/Oneida County area.


Thank you!

Dominic Frank, Town of Herkimer Supervisor



Boehlert Center at Union Station

321 Main St, Utica NY 13501

Phone: (315) 798-5710 Fax: (315) 798-5852

ANTHONY J. PICENTE, JR., County Executive

JAMES J. GENOVESE 11, Commissioner



May 10, 2021


Dear Municipal Official:

The Mohawk Valley Economic Development District, Inc. (MVEDD) released a survey for Oneida and Herkimer County residents and business owners to determine broadband internet availability across the region. This survey is important due to the increasing reliance on internet availability and quality to perform daily tasks. The survey can be found at Please distribute this link, attached flyer and summary document to as many people in your municipality as possible. The more data collected regarding citizen access facilitates an increased understanding of the problem and potential solutions.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this survey please call, 315-798-5710 or email SURVEY CLOSES AUGUST 7th, 2021


How FAST is your Internet?

Take our survey and help us bring broadband to Herkimer and Oneida Counties.

Please visit:



Let us know about your Internet Service.

Mohawk Economic Development District, Inc (MVEDD) is hosting a brief online survey for both residents and businesses in Herkimer and Oneida Counties. We want your opinion on your broadband quality and service.

The survey is now available at


Why is this assessment taking place?

MVEDD wants to ensure the residents of Herkimer ad Oneida Counties have the same opportunities in accessing broadband services as others in the state. This assessment allows the counties to obtain input directly from its residents to see where the greatest needs are and to advance broadband availability.

Privacy of responses will be protected?

MVEDD will NOT release information from this assessment to any third party. Aggregated results of the study will be made available at the conclusion of this project.

Why do we ask for your address?

We ask for your address to help us align the responses and identify via mapping technology where the greatest needs in our counties are.

Why is broadband vital to the area?

The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the need for strong connectivity as more professionals and entrepreneurs either start businesses or choose to work and live remotely. This is especially important in the communities within Herkimer and Oneida Counties that want to attract business activities and jobs.

The importance of broadband throughout Herkimer and Oneida Counties?

Broadband access in increasingly a part of everyday life. Agriculture is increasingly relying on technology, and even seeing a doctor virtually is becoming more common. People of all ages access the Internet to shop, stream movies, and play games. All of these activities require strong and reliable broadband access. Businesses making decisions on investment seek well connected communities.


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